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Fly Control - Professional Service

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For thousands of years, flies have been bugging humans, annoying us and spreading dangerous diseases around the world. Eastern Texas has certainly felt the pain that flies can bring. Every year, the flies come out in droves. Things can get especially bad during the summer and fall months, when fly control can seem to be a herculean task that never seems to end.

But fret not —Gulf Coast Mosquito Control, Inc. is Beaumont’s premier fly control service. We apply our expert mosquito control knowledge to handling your home or business fly problems, providing courteous, professional and effective fly control techniques.

Some of the fly control methods we employ include spot baits, paper, light traps, zappers and spray misters. We use the most environmentally-friendly pesticides to protect the ecosystem. And we stand behind all of our work. Our many repeat customers prove that no one knows fly control like Gulf Coast Mosquito Control, Inc.

Beware of fly control products sold in hardware and other retail stores. These almost never contain the effective ingredients used by professionals, and every year consumers waste many millions of dollars on ineffective fly control products that simply do not work as advertised. Always choose a professional insect control service to handle your fly control needs, and there are no better pros than the experts at Gulf Coast Mosquito Control, Inc.

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